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Small Town, Big Heart

Mareeba Gladiators


About Us

Mareeba Rugby League Club started in 1923 playing in ‘The Club Lager Cup” against Irvinebank, Mt Garnet, Stannery Hills, Chillagoe/Mungana sides with iconic Mareeba names like Plowman, Edwards, Langton, Cotton, Hood and Tilse. The comp progressed as mining towns died and populations ebbed and flowed into other town centres up until the late 1930s then the world went to War.


Mareeba Rugby League Club is a strong community organisation promoting health, fitness, mateship, and great club culture. We are a strong club in the Cairns District Rugby League Region and this year we believe the club will become even stronger.



Mareeba Gladiators are pleased to announce Chris Sheppard as our 2022 A Grade Coach.

Chris is a former NRL Player/Captain Coach of the Gladiators, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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